10 May 2006 Howard Stern says... Not one negative email
1946 - 2015
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Too bad Riley's use of alcohol made him abusive.

Too bad Riley didn't stay focused on his purpose
instead he turned it into all about him.

We have continued this story on the
Saturn Earth Connection helloearth.info since 2007.
We try to record every Tuesday.
Listen to Michael from Maui who met Riley
when he was taken out near Saturn himself.
~~hour 1 Michael tells the whole story.
~~hour 2 Michael reveals a big surprise to this story.

More to be posted
I have several audios of Howard playing clips of Riley
to promote our hour on Sirius Satellite Radio.
Riley Martin
Photo by: Curtis Cooperman
November 1994
O-Qua Tangin Wann
7th Intelligent Life Form
9" high ~ 6" wide ~ 7/8" thick

361 pages
26 illustrations

78 symbols in ink all drawn
~~~by: Riley Martin
1 Biaviian symbol Riley color in

High quality paper

Paragraph from: The Coming of Tan
Assembled and published by: Curtis Cooperman
1995 & 2005
Nyptonian Pilot
Curtis Cooperman
91 River Road
Stockton, New Jersey 08559
New copy $25.00
with spot $20.00

$3.99 shipping in USA

Listen to:
Curtis & Andrea talk about the amazing words Riley wrote
with the help of a celestial being near Saturn... Tan
This story continues on: helloearth.info
Saturn Earth Connection ~ Michael Connection
~~hour 1 Michael tells the whole story.
~~hour 2 Michael reveals a big surprise to this story.

~~~~~~We try to record every Tuesday

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